Epson Smart Panel app

All new, Smart Panel combines several of Epson's current apps into a powerful and elegant single smart app.

Available from:

  • Apple app store
  • Google Play store

The stylish new design makes it easier and quicker to:

  • Print photos
  • Make copies
  • Scan and share
  • Be creative with a selection of artistic templates
  • Set-up your printer
  • Get help with troubleshooting
  • Watch instruction videos
  • Perform maintenance
  • Swipe tiles left/right to select a feature
    e.g. print photo, copy, scan, see ink levels
  • And lots more

Model Compatibility

Epson Smart Panel is mainly intended for very recent or future products rather than current or older models. For older models’ users should continue using our popular iPrint and Creative Print apps.

Latest model compatibility can be checked at