I can only print via AirPrint since upgrading to MacOS Catalina 10.15

Relates to:

All Epson printers that support Apple AirPrint.


MacOS 10.15 offers the option to make AirPrint the default driver for printing. After upgrading to 10.15 this option is made available every time you attempt to print unless an option is chosen.

The pop-up below will be displayed and if the user decides to upgrade, Apple AirPrint will become the default driver.

The issue occurs when the “upgrade” option is chosen.


To prevent this error from occurring, select 'Never Upgrade' option from the pop-up box.

If the 'Upgrade' option was selected then additional steps must be taken to revert back to the Epson driver:

  1. Locate the printer driver and clear the print queue.
  2. Remove the printer driver.
  3. Re-install the printer driver.
  4. Select 'Never Upgrade' from the pop-up menu when it appears.